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High Quality AMC Javelin and AMX Parts!

Over the last 30+ years I have collected (hoarded) thousands of AMC parts primarily for 1971 through 1974 Javelin and AMX’s. I also have some Rebel Machine and American stuff as well. I have combed the country buying out dealerships when the AMC stuff went obsolete so most of my parts are NOS, some of which you just cant find any more.

I am going through my storage buildings and beginning to list the parts here. Some will go on eBay as well. I hope to have that special part you have been looking for so drop by once and a while and search for the parts you need! Good luck with your classic AMC restoration! They are great cars and worth preserving!

I only do this part time and I don’t always get to these right away. Generally I do my web site stuff once or twice a week. This is just a hobby for me so I don’t provide a commercial address. I am in Michigan not too far from the last known HQ of American Motors.

If you have a question you can use the contact form but PLEASE BE SPECIFIC ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR. You can also email me at bruce@amxbruce.com.Thanks!